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  • Again new cases of cranes killed at electric powerlines

Again new cases of cranes killed at electric powerlines

The pleasure about spring staging cranes in Northern part of West Pomerania was suddenly stopped, as two weeks ago several cranes were found dead or badly injured below a electric powerline near Zornow not far away from the Recknitz valley.

The cranes were feeding at a nearby stubble field and flew into the powerline due to stormy weather. After a few days after the killing, only parts of the carcasses remained (see picture).

Unfortunately collisions with electric powerlines are one of the most relevant anthropogenic causes of death of cranes in Germany. To reduce that causes at a middle and long-term perspective, only a consequent marking of critical powerlines or a underground cabling of such lines are helping.

The Crane Information Centre is collecting and documenting such causes of death by collisions of cranes with powerlines or other causes. Please do inform us promptly about such cases via or by phone +49-38323-80540.

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