First record of crane breeding in 2024

Still cranes are rurning from their wintering areas. First cranes were recorded over Germany at the end of January. While most cranes, which breed in Germany, reached their territories very early, the Scandinavian cranes are still on their way back.

The first crane with a clutch has now been discovered near Güstrow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (M-V). Like almost every year, this pair started breeding very early again. The low temperatures do not bother the cranes. What is more important is the high water level at the breeding site. If there is as little rainfall as in previous years, the water level will drop significantly from March to May and the breeding site will therefore offer less and less protection for the crane family.

So this crane pair did well: If the breeding site gets dry, their offspring will hopefully be able to fly and can look for a safer place to sleep.

© Dr. Beate Meder-Trost

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