Short winter vacation for crane "Sunny"

© Ulrich Bolm-Audorff

Sunny is a male crane which was tagged with a GPS transmitter by Crane Conservation Germany for the first time in 2013. Since then, we are regularly reporting about him, “Wölkchen” and Blacky, the three pioneers of this new research method. Sunny reached his wintering ground, the “Lac du Der-Chanteqoc” in France, on 8th of November 2020. After about 6 weeks, the meanwhile 7-year old crane flew already back to Germany. He reached his homeland in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania near Parchim just before Christmas on 21st of December 20. Until today the crane is residing there in mild winter weather. In contrast, his colleague "Wölkchen" is still in the Extremadura in Spain.

We would like to thank Lufthansa Environmental Sponsorship which financed these three GPS transmitters in 2013. Since then, private sponsors took on financing via a live project partnership.

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