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Since beginnig of 2023 Crane Conservation Germany has rented the majority of its land to the demeter-farm "Hof Zandershagen". Simultanouesly, the new European agricultural support entered into force. It provides farmers that sustainably manage the land a lot more possibilities for funding. Also our tenants profits from the new EU agricultural funding policy. There is for instance a funding programm that honours the presence of typical plants of extensive meadows. If a farmer can prove the presence of at least four species, he or she gets additional 250 € / hektar. Therefore, staff of the NABU-Crane Centre helped our tenant to map the land.
By the new EU policy, farmers are encouraged to look for these rare plants and manage the land to promote the species. The photo shows the cattle, which is grazing at the Günzer See meadows and keep them open to enhance biological diversity.

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