Observing cranes without disturbances
On the road

Please stay on the main roads and do not drive to remote fields, where the cranes have their secure feeding areas. Ask for the best observation places in the NABU-Crane Centre.

Car as hide

Cranes can be observed best from the car. At many places in Europe and Germany, cranes are regularly scared away from fields. The therefore react shy against people and flight distances of up to 300 metres. Please stop only at appropriate places and do not step out of the car.

Heads up

If all cranes raise their heads they are disturbed. Do not move any further otherwise they will fly off and lose important energy unnecessarily.

Observation points

Use the recommended observation points and hides at roosts and foraging grounds. Behave quietly and dress inconspicuous and warm. Keep dogs leashed.

Enjoy watching

We recommend using good binoculars or better a field scope. Best experiences we have made with equipment from Leica and Berlebach.

Take a picture

Please do not use flash light.

On the water

Cruise only at the federal and state waterways. Stay away from the shore, reeds & roosting water birds. Decelerate to 8 knots but don‘t stop. Anchor at allowed places

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