Observing cranes the region of „Darß-Zingst bodden chain and island Rügen“

In the region of the “Darß-Zingst bodden chain and island Rügen” you can observe cranes in spring (mainly March) and in autumn (August until October). Depending on the time of the day you can observe the cranes on their feeding areas or on the way from and to the roost sites.

There are different observation points for cranes in the region. Cranes are used to stay at some special feeding and roost sites, where people regularly watching them. Here the flight distances are less than in other sites and crane observations are more spectacular. We therefore advise you to use these sites for your crane observations.

© Norman Donner
Observations together with a Crane ranger

Nowadays an extensive offer of guided crane tours of different qualities exists in the region. Since many years the NABU-Crane Centre is organizing crane excursions for travel groups as well as for individual travelers.

Your advantage: you are joining a real crane expert and the revenues of the excursions directly go into our crane conservation work.

Here you can find more information about our excursions.

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