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If you like, you can support the work of Crane Conservation Germany with an annual supporting contribution of at least 50 €. With your contribution you will help for instance to realise monitoring projects (breeding and staging cranes), whose results will be provided to environmental agency which helps to consider crane conservation aspects in landscape planning. With your contribution you can also support wetland restoration work (e.g. close of draining ditches, building water-retaining structures etc.) to save breeding territories for cranes.

© Dr. Günter Nowald

With your contribution were are also able to provide extra feeding sites for cranes to minize conflicts between cranes and agriculture. With help of crane rangers, we can give information to tourists and minimize disturbances by visitors and farmers. With your contribution we are able to provide observation towers and information boards for visitors, but are also able to support international conservation projects, like in the wintering areas in the Extremadura in the Southwest of Spain.

As a member of the Crane Conservation family you will get a certificate, a supporter ID card, a donation receipt, a pin of Crane Conservation Germany as well as an annual newsletter with information about current projects, crane migration and staging of cranes in Germany. Additionally you are invited to participate in an annual supporter’s meeting of Crane Conservation Germany during the main autumn staging period. Also, the entrance to our observation station KRANORAMA is free of charge – this might be especially interesting for all photographers among the crane friends.

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